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“The beauty of the summit is- it’s about process. Today’s interviews that made me feel I wasn’t the only one with struggle. It made my “human-ness” more than ok, but even celebrated! Love it!” ~Amy H.

“Thank you so much, for bringing our card reading community together in this summit. I learned a lot from the “behind the curtain” view of each reader and love the variety of interviewees and also to see the growth in the returnees.” – Tee M.O.

2015 Telesummit

  • 18 Amazing Guest Speakers:

Colette Baron-Reid, Brigit (Biddy Tarot), Ann Hentz, Chrissy Astell, Chris Wold, Dax Carlisle, Judith, Jo Lal (Watkins Publishing), James Wanless, Kim Arnold, Leigh McCloskey, Mary Greer, Lyn Thurman, Mel Carlisle, Stewart Pearce, Robert Camp, Daily Tarot Girl, Michelle Patterson

  • $97.00

2016 Telesummit

  • 14 Amazing Guest Speakers:

Kala Ambrose, Margaret Ann Lembo, Benebell Wen, Ethony Dawn, Kate (Daily Tarot Girl), Radleigh Valentine, Maria G Maas, Brigit Esselmont, Jaena Moynihan, Nicole Guillaume, Avril Price, Christiana Gaudet, Michelle Patterson, Etan Ilfeld

  • $97.00

2018 Telesummit

  • 17 Amazing Guest Speakers:

Tori Hartman, Ethony Dawn, Vicky Hartley, Colette Baron-Reid, Steven Bright, Pamela Steele, John & Caitlin Matthews, Susan A. Sheppard, Lyn Thurmans, Melanie Surplice, Benebell Wen, Chrissie Astell, Arwen Lynch Poe, Brigit Esselmont, Barbara Meiklejohn-Free & Flavia Kate Peters, Mitchell Osborn, Christopher R. McClure

  • $97.00

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2015, 2016 & 2018 Telesummit Interviews

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